ee cummings & Mary Oliver: Un-Hibernating the Animal Body

Springtime Sensuality: an energizing old school bread-and-butter vinyasa yoga experience of springtime awakening

...because feeling IS first!! A carpe diem poem by the ur-poet of spring, ee cummings, is like the drinking song of this week’s celebration of sense experience over intellectuality. We will attend to the body's feeling-state, rather than anatomical detail or complicated sequencing, by dipping into a familiar, old-school vinyasa practice, set to springtime sense poetry by Mary Oliver.


-a 60-minute accessible practice guiding you through an embodied exploration of poetic language

-a music playlist lovingly chosen to capture the poem's ambiance (crafted to match the arc of the physical practice, so you can choose to practice with music)

-a link to the poetry, and a short reflection capturing the most striking phrases, themes, and imagery.

-a distilled skeleton of the sequence (poses, breath exercises, and visualizations) for your reference

In an embodied approach to language, the goal is to generate a spontaneous, authentic experience of a poem that you can hold on to (or, if you're a teacher, one you can share)! When we linger with poems not with our rational "thinky" brain, but with a more primal gut layer of our being, we can absorb their truth and beauty deeper into the psyche. When poems live there, they pop up more regularly in our everyday lives, suffusing our days with new meaning and presence. And isn't this the goal behind any practice?

*available for 48 hours upon registration

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Katy Hawkins
Katy Hawkins

Katy Hawkins, PhD, serves as Director of Shiné: Mind/Body/Spirit in Philadelphia. Originally a teacher of Comp Lit, Katy taught literature in university settings before she realized she could find everything she loved most about teaching college students outside the walls of academia. This course brings together her academic teaching with her work this last decade, teaching poetry through movement.

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